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Responsible Gaming


In history and in time they have developed many forms of risk games associated mainly to "chance" (nuts and similar objects), but also in the narratives on ancient Greece related to gambling of the soothsayers on the Olympic Games results and on the ancient Rome where on the fights between gladiators you could bet. Today the global spread of gambling is in part facilitated by the increasing choice of a wide variety of game types, now more and more legalized, that they can respond to the players' sympathies with different inclinations and with different personalities.

Gambling is a problem if it causes problems,it is a fun if it causes exclusively and solely fun and it is in this case that we talk about responsible gaming that becomes social game when the player is moved from the recreation participation and treat the game as a 'opportunity to have fun knowing govern its own destructive impulses. Feel the desire to play is quite normal, but with the right choices. When the game becomes a problem, there are guidelines to control their gaming activities in terms of time, money spent and more.


  • Evaluation of the time and timetable control to place your bets;
  • Capacity to control your expenses by setting the upper limit of the bet with the knowledge that you can lose without ever thinking of winning;
  • Do not use the game as an alternative source of income or as a way to pay your debts;
  • Maintenance of your daily responsibilities;
  • Conservation of interest in hobbies or other types of entertainment;
  • Elimination of possible litigation because of the game;
  • Lack of loss of control over your behavior by accepting suggestions of the negative connotations attributed to gambling addiction from a moral point of view.

Prevention instruments

The bookmakers are committed to providing a fair and entertaining game without forgetting that gambling can be addictive and it is for this that they inform the players of the potential risks and they are committed to responsible gaming. Many are the bookmakers who provide useful tools for the prevention of problems related to gambling: self-exclusion for the need of a breakage through obstacles to make bets, but not to access your account for any kind of levy or restrictions in terms of limit of bet or your limit of time on the session visits.

Support organizations

For additional assistance, there are organizations for a professional and free support:

Access limitation to minors - Parental control

It is forbidden for children of practicing gambling and for this reason that the bookmakers include the right to require each customer documents to prove age and suspend player accounts until such documents are not provided. Ascertained that the age is under 18 years, the player will be deprived of its winnings in addition to have the account closed.

The responsibility is shared with parents or guardians of the child, for this, you can use applications to monitor or restrict access to the internet.

It is possible then use Internet filters such as "Netnanny" that protects minors from inappropriate content (, "Cybersitter" that allows parents or guardians to block malicious and dangerous Web sites (